Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Honda Plans All-Electric Models with Plug-in Hybrids by 2018

RealAutoTips. - Honda Plans All-Electric Models with Plug-in Hybrids by 2018. In Honda’s Detroit auto show stand had a small portion of everything this year—a quarter-scale model of its recent North Carolina-built HondaJet, a 50-year-old racecar, and the FCV fuel cell idea car from 2013. But Honda’s big news associated with none of those things, but rather the statement that many of its upcoming cars are obtaining charged, literally, under the hood.

Honda FCV Concept

Begining late this year, the first of Honda’s new VTEC turbocharged four-cylinder engines will begin rolling off the line at Honda’s Anna, Ohio, engine plant. Honda did not tell the displacement of said engines, which models they strength propel, or howmuch power and torque they are expected to produce. But they will come—soon—and when the details appear, we will transmit them to the world. After all, the 2.0-liter turbo in the new Civic Type R that Honda is selling in Europe this year will produce “at least” 276 hp, and even if we don’t get the Civic Type R here, an engine like that would be mighty nice to have in an Accord or a CR-V.

Honda also revealed its plans to introduce two all-new models that can be charged from a wall socket: one plug-in hybrid and one battery electric vehicle. As with the turbo engine announcement, Honda was mum on any further details about vehicle size, shape, style or electric range of the new models, except that they both will be introduced “by 2018.” And in the car world, that’s right around the corner.


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