Saturday, January 10, 2015

Suzuki Alto 660 cc with Nearly 100 Horsepower Show in Tokyo Auto Salon 2015

RealAutoTips. - There are many advanced car technology that show in Show in Tokyo Auto Salon 2015. One of these car is Suzuki Alto 660 cc with nearly 100 horsepower. 

Figure 1. Suzuki Alto 660 cc (Source: Detikoto)

As reported by Auto Guide, Friday (01/09/2015), the standard version of the tiny hatchback powered 48-51 horsepower depending on the type. However, in the event that brought Alto has a turbocharger equipped devices, then power to nearly 100 horsepower, as it was named Suzuki Alto RS Turbo.

Interestingly, as the name suggests and the resulting performance, Suzuki change the zoom. Rims for example using sized 17 inch OZ rims are draped in red, made by Recaro seat use.

To align with the rim, Suzuki also caress house mirrors and the bottom of the front bumper red color. Alto is a kei car or a small car that is currently popular in the City of Sunrise.

Source : DetikOto

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