Monday, January 12, 2015

Tips on How to Take Care Wet Accumulator to Stay Fit

RealAutoTips. - Wet batteries or accumulator require regular maintenance in order to stay fit and durable performance. It is very different with dry battery is using maintenance freely. However, rather than simply treating wet battery electrolyte fluid filling diminishes with use.

Figure 1. Wet Accumulator in Car (Source:DetikOto) 

If the electric current is not maintained, then the battery will come up short. As a result, the car broke down when launched on the road, despite the age of the battery still has not reached the maximum limit of consumption. So, if you using wet batteries or accumulator you must take care to stay fit as follow:

A. Perform Routine Inspection

Check if there are cracks on the body battery, rust at the terminal, and make sure no wires are peeling. Immediately clean rust, peeling the lid section of cable. Rust on terminal resistive load greater cause. As a result, the battery voltage will be reduced. Should protect the battery terminals with a cover of rubber.

B. Make Sure the Battery Water in Accordance with the Size

Battery electrolyte fluid is an important part of the battery. Fluids that that conduct electric current. Reduced fluid caused by evaporation from the heat engine. Water can also be reduced because there is a malfunction.

C. Heat the Car Engine Regularly

We recommend heating the car engine regularly, at least 10 minutes. It was intended that the electric current in the battery is kept charged by the alternator, so that his condition remains stable. As a result the battery will last longer and the performance is still good.

D. Turn-Off  All Electronic Devices before Turning Off the Car

We recommend that you turn off all devices in cars that use electric current. It was intended that when re-start the car, the electric current from the battery to the starter engine focused only. As a result the battery will last longer and performance maintained.

Source: DetikOto

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