Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ferrari 488 GTB Unveiled with Twin-Turbos

RealAutoTips. - Here is information from Ferrari 488 GTB Unveiled with Twin-Turbos. It's the 488 GTB, the replacement for the epic 458 Italia, and Ferrari is kindly giving us an early look ahead of the show.

Figure 1. Ferrari 488 GTB

The biggest story is the power plant, a revised V-8 slung in the back and augmented by not one but two turbochargers, one for each exhaust bank. This brings power output from the 3.9-liter up to 660 horsepower and 560 foot-pounds of torque. That's about 100 horsepower more than the original version of the 458 -- a car not lacking in the oomph department. Despite all the extra plumbing, the car doesn't gain any weight, tipping the scales at 3,020 pounds. (That's 1,370kg.).

The other big change comes in aerodynamics. You'd be forgiven for mistaking it for a 458 at first glance, but look again and the differences become clear. The 488 GTB is overall a smoother, cleaner-looking car, with the massive cut-outs in the hood and rear fenders setting it apart.

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