Thursday, February 5, 2015

Here are Three Cars with Motorcycle Engine

RealAutoTips. - It is very usual that car will use the best car engine. But it is not false when there are also any car that using motorcycle engine. 

Volkswagen XL Sport

Belief, the best engine sometimes it comes from the motorcycle. Hmm, just like it did not or yes? And here are Three Cars with Motorcycle Engine according follow:

1. BMW i3 with Range Extender

The first car fell at the hands of BMW i3 electric car may now be the leading German manufacturer of electric cars in the world.

But who would have thought, to be able to add mileage BMW i3. German manufacturer requires the engine. Previous BMW i3 is said to only be able to run 81 miles. And to relieve the concerns of consumers, BMW added a driving machine.

As the models 'BMW i3 with Range Extender', which referred to the Range Extender engine is by attaching a 647 cc Twin, which has been adopted scooter BMW C 650 GT.

Finally the BMW i3 are now able to increase their mileage reaches 150 miles.

2. Campagna V13R

The second car that uses the engine is the T-Rex model produced by Campagna Motors.

The car that inspired the film predators engine brings owned Harley-Davidson V-Twin Revolution. This machine is equivalent to 122 horsepower and has a torque of 84 lb-ft.

And who thought that this car has a price tag of which is not cheap, reaching US $ 53,999.

3. Scorpion P6

By carrying out like a racing car design, material made from carbon fiber, racing pedals, and the suspension of a race car. Scorpion P6 certainly hold the engine Kawasaki ZX-6R with a capacity of 599 cc.

Scorpion also claims this car only takes 3.5 seconds to be able to run 0-90 miles / hour. Hmm, quite unique not Otolovers?

Source: DetikOto, Wednesday, 04/02/2015

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