Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lets Know VVA and Blue Core Technology in New Yamaha NMAX

RealAutoTips. - Yamaha NMAX has used Variable Valves Actuation (VVA) technology that combine with Blue Core technology. With all this technology Yamaha claimed that the scooter matic Yamaha NMAX more favored in it is class. 

Figure 1. New Yamaha NMAX
According DetikOto (Tuesday, 2/10/2015), Optimal combustion, maximum cooling and minimal friction can be generated by using Blue Core technology. While the VVA technology will work with CVT transmission mechanism displacement limit at 6,000 RPM. It has a large torque in the lower rounds and a large force in the lap top and has an efficiency.

Air Cleaner large volume also can provide optimum combustion. Proper air volume produces optimum combustion efficiency in all conditions.

In addition, Yamaha also has to optimize system settings FI (Fuel Injection). Optimization of the implementing 3-dimensional mapping system to control the volume of the fuel and ignition timing based on RPM and throttle.

Optimal combustion is also supported by the shape and layout of the optimal valve (air control effective and compact design of the combustion chamber), the effect of tumble (tumble produce optimum effect mixing of fuel and air is perfect), a compact combustion chamber (port shape design and optimal combustion chamber ensure complete combustion) as well as the VVA (Variable Valves actuation).

NMAX also offers maximum cooling to the radiator compact (compact form), By-pass thermostat (shorter warming up which produces fuel-efficient), and DiAsyl Cylinder & Forged Piston (remove heat faster, lighter and stronger).

Yamaha also focus to minimize friction in the engine of this bike. Therefore, Yamaha provides a roller rocket arm (low friction, maximizes engine power), offset cylinder (cylinder body and the crankshaft axis is not aligned / offset, to minimize noise and vibration, maximizing engine power), also compact AC magneto (producing power efficient, reducing the burden on the machine).

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