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Tips on How to Maintenance Car Air Conditioner AC

RealAutoTips. - Here is Tips on How to Maintenance Car Air Conditioner AC. As we know that basically drive car will feel comfortable, if the air conditioning (AC) worked perfectly. Today, air conditioning has become a necessity especially big city. If the AC is not cold, the state became uncomfortable, and the solution is to open the window car glass. However, if the window is opened, the dust and fumes will get in, and if the closed room will feel hot and stuffy. Disorders of the air conditioner is usually due to lack of maintenance.

Figure 1. Car AC component layout
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The following tips can help you perform AC maintenance before it is becoming damaged in its condition:
  1. Always keep the cleanliness of the cabin from dust and dirt. Especially the 2 pieces of carpet in front because it will be sucked into the evaporator (humid) causing fungi and spores is not good for health, and cause odor which is not good when the first air conditioner is turned on.
  2.  When washing the car, open the hood and spray water on the fast AC Condenser (which looks like a radiator and usually located in front of the radiator) dirt or dust that sticks will harden if left unchecked can lead to corrosion or porous so that a leak in the condenser AC, set the water before the spray pressure on the AC condenser unit (reduce the water pressure).
  3. Choosing a shady parking lot when parking the vehicle in a long time, because if in hot places usually fit the driver entered, the room was quite hot and the resulting need long cooling process. In addition, the cooling load when the car is running too high.
  4. Examine Extra Fan (fan) the front condenser whether rotates when AC turn on. If not immediately change, will result in a broken air conditioner compressor or hose high press could explode.
  5. Do not smoke in the car because the smoke can contaminate Evaporator AC / Cooling Coil Unit for nicotine will be sticky and slimy and cause odor and hard to remove.
  6. Do not maximize the AC loads while the vehicle is speeding by lowering the temperature.
  7. Before turning on the AC switch off the engine first, after a new stable machine AC turn on. And then turn off the air conditioner before you turn off your car engine.
  8. Do not wear perfume fragrances that quality is not clear, will cause odor and hard to clean. And do not wear fragrances plug models / pendant to GRILL because often result GRILL / erratic broken (because most GRILL difficult to obtain in the market).
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