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Wiring Diagram TE-5301 Wideband Display for a Car

RealAutoTips. - Here is Wiring Diagram TE-5301 Wideband Display for a Car. The 5301 display is based on the Silicon Chip FMD described here. We modified the sensor input circuitry to provide an 8 bit resolution A/D converter between the 1.4 and 3.1 volts limits produced by the DIY-WB. We also added the RS232 option for data logging to a Palm or PC. The wiring diagram of this device like in figure 1 below.

Figure 1. Wiring Diagram TE-5301 Wideband Display for a Car

Component List

ABS black plastic case (see note 0) 

FMD 1.1 (16F84 processor, lower) PCB 
MLD 1.0 (LED display, upper) PCB 

16F84A-4/P (pre-programmed, -20/P may be supplied) 
LM431 (see note 1) 
7805 (or LM340T5) 
BC327 x 4 
BC337 x 2 

HDSP-5501 x 3 seven segment LED (see note 2) 
HDSP-4820 10 LED array (see note 2) 
4 Mhz Xtal (a mini version may be supplied) 

10R 1W 5% (note: R = ohms, W = Watts, k = 103) 
150R x 8 (all 250 mW 5%, note : 4k7 = 4.7 k)) 
680R x 4 
1k0 x 2 (see note 3) 
1k8 x 2 (see note 5) 
3k3 x 2 
4k7 x 2 (see note 1) 
22k x 2 

5k trimpot (5 mm) note : marking = 502 
200k or 250k trimpot (5 mm) note : marking = 204 or 254 
500k trimpot (5 mm) note : marking = 504 

15 pF x 2 NPO ceramic 
0.1 x 4 block mono (deep blue colour) 
0.1 x 2 polyester (yellow colour) 
10 uF electro 
47 uF electro 

Header strip x 20 pin male (see note 4) 
8 pin DIP socket (dual wipe) 
6 + 7 + 7 header pins, (see note 6) 
18 pin DIP socket (dual wipe) 

Cable tie x 2 
DB9S female DB9 
DB9 shell and mounting parts 
2 m two core shielded wire 

M3 15 mm x 2 phillips head bolts 
6.3 mm x 3 threaded nylon bush 
9 mm threaded nylon bush 
M3 star x 2 washers 
M3 spring washer 
M3 6 mm x 2 countersunk bolts


Wiring diagram like in figure 1 is Wiring Diagram TE-5301 Wideband Display for a Car. This is the construction guide for the 5301 wideband fuel mixture display kit. The 5301 is the Tech Edge version (rather than the Jaycar version) of the modified Silicon Chip FMD design, and it features, compared to the original kit, double sided PCBs a new front panel design, in-built RS232 output and superbright GaAlAs 7 segment LEDs The 5301 uses the same version 1.1 software as the 5300 and, unless noted otherwise, is known elsewhere on this web site as the 5300 unit or the modified FMD display.

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