Friday, April 10, 2015

Car Modification : Toyota Yaris Can Turn-On Using Fingerprint Owner

RealAutoTips. - This is Toyota Yaris car with new modification that can turn on using fingerprint owner. This system called with Finger Print Security System that used in Toyota Yaris like in figure 1 below. And now we will show you some modification that be used in this Toyota Yaris including exterior, interior, and others.

Toyota Yaris / DetikOto


Yaris with color orange and black body kit that uses a custom made, as well as side skirts, side skirts, diffuser, top spioler, engine hood, carbon kevlar created custom.

Headlamp custom made using a projector, natural wide body fitted, and full-body plastic dip. Everything made with custom.


Log into the interior, Ridwan uses carbon panels on the dashboard of his, as well as on the head unit with carbon panels, AC with carbon panels, Door Trim Carbon Panel, Recaro seats Euro R, TRD shiftknob, Momo Pedal Set, Greddy Info Touch 17 , and the most interesting is the Finger Print Security System.

Features finger print itself can be a security feature, because the new engine can be lit when using the fingerprint of the owner.


Heart pacemaker sector has also been modified by Ridwan, Yaris was using Unichip Dastek Q4, Greddy AIRINX Air Filters, Spark Earth Pivot, Pivot MegaRaizin, HKS Ground Wire, C-ONE Radiator Cap, C-ONE Oil Cap, iDrive Open Limiter, Full Custom Exhaust System, Carbon Engine Cover and Tail Pipe HKS.

Audio System and Under Carriage

Audio system in the Toyota Yaris is using Venom Power Turbo Series 4 C, Turbo Monoblock Power Venom, Venom Turbo Subwoofer, 12 ", Capacitor Bank Venom, Venom Split Speakers Coaxial Speakers Series Turbo Turbo Venom and Venom Processor Pandora MK2.

As for his Under Carriage using PF-01 17x7 Enkei, JAPAN, GTRadial, Champiro SX2, KW Suspension V3, Custom Front strutbar, Custom Sway Bar, Custom 4 points UnderBrace, and Enkei Lug nut.


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