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Introducing to Know Concept Scooter's Technology: Suzuki Pair Leap Technology and Super-FI

RealAutoTips. - There are many scooter motorcycle that developed by motorcycle producers like Honda, Yamaha, and also Suzuki. But do you know the concept of the all scooter's technology that used now?. In this time we will show you one of concept of Scooters' technology of Suzuki Pair Leap Technology and Super-FI.

Figure 1. Suzuki Scooter / Otomotifnet

The advantages of the Super FI provide many benefits to motorists. Namely, more economical fuel consumption, gas handle more responsive, better start performance and environmentally friendly. Super FI consists of seven sensors in coded UD110NE made.

Among Intake Air Pressure Sensor (IAPS) and Intake Air Temperature Sensor (IATS) function reads the incoming air condition. Pressure and temperature is read first and then reported to the Engine Control Module (ECM), brain injection system.

Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) function reads the throttle movements performed by the rider. Then, Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKPS) is useful to provide input ignition timing based on the position of the crankshaft. Then, Engine Temperature Sensor (ETS) to read the temperature of the engine.

And O2 sensor or Oxygen Sensor will actively detect levels of residual O2 combustion. Idle Speed ​​Control (ISC), to keep the engine idling. The trick, the ECM will set the ISC valve to increase or decrease the amount of air entering the intake when the gas is closed and when the engine is still cold.

Engine Control Module (ECM) as the brain that receives input data from the sensors and then giving orders to the injectors. Tip-Over sensor is used to read the angle of the motorcycle. When too faint or fall, the sensor will send a signal to the ECM that the injection system will automatically shut down.

While Leap Technology is a concept used to design the engine and the body as a whole. This concept is the basis of every innovation and development of Suzuki engineers. Resulting made economical, lightweight and powerful in its class. It is also environmentally friendly (EURO standards 2)

Leap Technology Advantages of this, to reduce mechanical resistance and keep the engine oil consumption. Then, crankshaft or crankshaft applied CAE (Computer Aided Engineering). CAE is to help testing the product design, production and design process of the crank case crankshaft and other engine components.


  • Otomotifnet (Friday, February 27th, 2015)

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