Friday, May 22, 2015

Car Modification for Suzuki Baleno 2004 with Taste Lamborghini Car

RealAutoTips. - Unique modification for car is one of the way to make difference with the common car. This is also called with out of the box. It is also with the Suzuki Baleno 2004 that can modify to be like Lamborghini car.

Suzuki Baleno 2004 ini, aplikasi gaya pintu gunting milik Lamborghini. MTVN/Ahmad Garuda

Imam Syahbana has modified his Suzuki Baleno 2004 with special car door like Lamborghini. The door of this car is no longer using the literature door used car with passenger of most four-wheeled vehicles. Rather, use of cars with a distinctive character Lamborghini scissor door openings. 

Imam explained that the process of modification of the car will continue to run. Including a rear door opening will also adopt models scissor doors. But the process is reversed. So the door hinges are on the back.

As for the other part that also modified, is part of the steering wheel rim. So that even if the modification is still very minimalist, but it felt a lot have changed. Moreover, if the majority of the parts already made changes.

Modification Specification

  1. Model: Suzuki Baleno 2004
  2. Wheels: ATS
  3. Doors: Custom scissor by Galeria John Speed
  4. Steering: Momo Drifting
  5. UDA
Source: (April, 29th  2015)

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