Friday, May 15, 2015

New GMC Sierra and the Renault Twizy for Dubai Policy Department

RealAutoTips. - One of the police department in the world who love the latest automotive products is the Dubai police department. Dubai police recently bought two new cars is GMC Sierra and the Renault Twizy. Facts show that as Dubai police department does not run out of money to buy the latest automotive products.

New GMC Sierra for Dubai Policy Department / Metrotvnews

Many luxury cars which have been owned by the Dubai police including the Bugatti Veyron, Aston Martin One-77, Lamborghini Aventador, and various other supercars. And is now growing with the arrival of a new variant of the GMC Sierra and the Renault Twizy.

The new car GMC Sierra and Renault Twizy has a difference design. GMC Sierra is the output of cars from General Motors (GM), which has various types of machines including LV3 ranging from 4.3 L V6 GM EcoTec3 4300 to 6.6 L LML Duramax V8. Car-shaped pickup is suitable for a variety of pathways with rugged terrain.

While the Renault Twizy is an environmentally friendly car that uses a lithium-ion battery 6.1 kWh with the ability to roam up to 100 kilometers. This small car designed for urban terrain so it is suitable for police patrols.

Of course, that both new car GMC Sierra and Renault Twizy will be used by security forces patrol the city of Dubai for the purposes of the different fields in accordance with the design of the two cars.

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