Sunday, May 10, 2015

Pacman is a Motorcycle Club Chairman and Ambassador Safety Riding

RealAutoTips. - People may just find out that Manny Pacquiao is a boxing athlete. But the men who had the nickname Pacman, also a chairman of the motorcycle club in Philippines.

Manny Pacquiao dikenal sebagai ketua geng motor dan pelopor safety riding di Filipina
Manny Pacquiao / Metronewstv
Pacman turns a true biker. He is now listed as president of Barracuda Biker's Association in General Santos, Philippines, his hometown.

Because of his love of the motorcycle world, he became an ambassador for safety riding in the Philippines. The Philippine government asked Pacman to become ambassadors of their safety riding feel, Pacman influence on society is so strong.

"Pacquiao who submitted themselves to campaign for the use of helmets for all motorcycle riders. This is the right way, so that the rider wearing a helmet and can save lives," said Leonardo Espina as PNP spokesman Senior Superintendent.

In the Philippines alone, the number of motorcycle accidents is quite high. In 7 months back, there are 3,000 cases of accidents. Among the 1,933 cases due to the pengedara motor does not use a helmet while driving.

Source: (May 9, 2015)

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