Monday, May 11, 2015

Reduced water not Mean Leaking Radiator, Checks Water Pump Please

RealAutoTips. - Often lacking water in the radiator should not be taken lightly, because it can cause your car's engine gets hot. Because the function of the radiator to cool the engine temperature is high because it is operating.

Komponen water pump yang sudah berkarat biasanya jadi penyebab kebocoran air radiator. MTVN/M Bagus Rachmanto
Components rusty water pump normally be the cause of water leakage radiator / Metrotvnews
If the water in the radiator is left is reduced, it would certainly make the engine more quickly over heat. But you know, that the reduced water in the radiator is not always due to a leak in that component. Leakage can occur in one of the components associated with the function of the radiator.

One was a water pump that serves as a water circulation pump and into the machine. This component is also claimed to be one of the causes of reduced water in the radiator. Even if this section were to leak, it is consequently quite large. Because water leak is usually pretty heavy.

"The damage to these components are categorized as major leak, because the water that comes out hard. As soon improve if you do not want to experience more severe damage such as over-heating the engine," said Fahmi Fahmi owner Jaya Motor in numbers East Bekasi, West Java.

This occurs because of damage to the component service life is difficult to avoid. Because these components are submerged in water that causes rust and porous.

To add longevity water pump, radiator water drain Fahmi suggest a minimum of two months, it was to reduce the deposition of rust inside the water pump.

In addition, use good quality water and clean so that the working water pump to a maximum. Another solution is to use a liquid coolant which is usually sold in stores vehicle maintenance. (by UDA from May 10, 2015)

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