Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Usus, the New Pickup Car from Lamborghini

RealAutoTips. - Lamborghini seems to really create a lot of buzz on the production of their cars. After previously being busy developing an SUV, Lamborghini is now reportedly preparing a pickup truck.

Usus Lamborghini design concept are entered in the pickup segment / Theophilus Chin

Reporting from Metrotvnews (May 11, 2015) that recently the Italian supercar manufacturer released a sketch of a pickup truck. Variant pickup their production will be named Usus.

Giving a name similar to their SUV cars, Colorectal, because the car has a design that almost there. The Usus is designed with a sporty body curves typical Lamborghini.

Lamborgini Usus itself is the successor of the pickup LM002 manufactured 1986. Although no official information from the automotive manufacturers such furious bull logo, reportedly will Guts driven by the engine capacity of 5200 cc V12 equal to the LM002.

Lamborghini itself has not given any official information regarding his truck project. However, the design of which is present in the virtual world is enough to make the audience of automotive, particularly Lamborghini, many are responding.

But obviously there is a big question if they do that, the Lamborghini make a pickup for what purposes? With a price level which is usually given Lamborghini, it was the owner think many times to make freight cars like duty pickup truck carrying goods.

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