Monday, July 6, 2015

How to Check the Mobil Oil Quantity

RealAutoTips. - The longer the oil in the car driven car can be on the wane. If the engine oil is already below the normal limit, it will be fatal for a car engine.

In some cars already exists indicator displays a warning light that the oil has been below normal limits on his instrument cluster. If the indicator is lit, certainly it will create panic.

Engine oil that is just a little too bad for the engine. Instead, add too much oil will also cause problems.

So, be careful when adding the oil in your car. Should always be based on the manual to determine how much oil is needed.

Well, to examine the remaining oil, page FoxNews, Friday (03/06/2015) give little tips. Anything?

The first thing to do is drive the car with enough time to warm up the engine. Then, park the car in the flat, uphill or downhill do not in the slightest.

After that, turn off the engine and wait for about 2 minutes. Open the hood and check the oil dipstick. In most new cars, the handle dipstick in the form of orange or yellow plastic ring.

Take the dipstick is then cleaned using a lint-free cloth. Enter the back completely and wash again.

The dipstick gives a sign that indicates the level of engine oil. Check whether the oil sheen was under normal limits on dipstick or still in it.

If it is below the normal range, add oil as much as half a liter reservoir openings to under screw mounted above the engine. Wait 2 minutes, then check the oil level using the dipstick level. If still not, add more oil gradually.

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