Saturday, August 1, 2015

Lexus Create Flying Skateboard

RealAutoTips. - Do you still remember with skateboard in the movie of Back to the Future? in this movie maybe you still remember with the skateboard which can fly. Maybe it is only in the movie, but now this is to be realizing. 

Lexus Create Flying Skateboard (Metrotvnews)

Reported from Metrotnews on July 31, 2015 that last June, as the Lexus luxury car manufacturer Lexus Japan has announced the development of Hoverboard that utilize magnetic levitation technology to get the style of movement without friction.

By utilizing and combining nitrogen and cooled superconducting permanent magnets make it seem impossible that it allows to be realized by the engineers at Lexus.

Because these products are developed by manufacturers of premium cars, the design becomes very important. Therefore, the products are named 'Slide' it has a distinctive shape 'spindle grille' Lexus as the identity of the company.

Making any material similar to that used to open a Lexus car, ranging from high-tech materials to natural materials such as bamboo. 'Skateboard float' will be presented by Lexus on August 5, 2015.

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  1. Engineers are now designing the skateboards of the Future. The skateboards will really be flying hover-boards and much like the Hollywood Movie Back to the Future II, with Michael J. Fox and Biff. One interesting dilemma for these designers is should these skateboards have wheels at all - With or No Wheels - should they have Landing Gear Retraction?


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