Monday, July 13, 2015

Volvo Trucks in Music Performance Permissibility Video

RealAutoTips. - What happen when Volvo truck used in music video? So, it is will look very nice with this truck performance. According Metrotvnews (July 12th, 2015) reported that recently a used Volvo truck in a music video making. Interestingly, the big-bodied vehicles running only with the wheels on the other side alone.

Trucks with FH series is used in the manufacture of Mapei's music video. In a music video titled Million Ways to Live, the Swedish truck show attractions.

Berkelir green truck is located in the tilted position as it only rests on the left wheels on the tarmac, while the wheels on the right side hangs. Of course, this is done by a professional driver, Jens Karlsson.

Not only that, the Volvo FH is also used by Mapei to travel around Europe for nine days. This activity is part of a campaign to show the strength of Volvo trucks in their products. And to know more about Volvo Trucks in Music Performance Permissibility, please see this video below:

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