Saturday, August 8, 2015

All New Honda CB150R Streetfire Make Our Feeling Do Not Change

RealAutoTips. - There are many change in Honda motor sport to make the number one competition in motor sport version. According Metrotvnews on August 7, 2015 reported that All New CB150R Streetfire now appear aggressive, manly and equipped with many new features. Honda designers design department presented a sharp and slender. Starting from the headlamp with LED, tank shroud, shape tail light until the stirrup.

First Drive (Metrotvnews)

His appearance is offset by the dimensions of the legs are more muscular. Now wider rim and tire usage is also larger, 110 / 80-17 and 130 / 70-17 which bind rim 2,50x17 and 3,50x17. 

Enhanced braking system, front disk with width 267 mm with double piston calipers. So no more impression skinny legs as in the previous model.

The position of the ignition key to shift the tip tanks, no longer handlebar wheel. Then the tank lid average models, more modern and free penetration of water.

Sitting on top of it, there was no significant difference from the previous version. Low seat (797 mm), a low handlebar position is achieved and footpeg position a little backward. Make slightly crouched posture.

But the curve of the seat was redesigned slightly narrowed at the driver's thigh. This meant that the driver easier to tread the middle stop.

Feeling drive was not much different, with a limited test area, at least can feel stiff and steady handling chassis thanks to the truss frame and wider tires.

But it will be a little clumsy with handlebars area cleaner now because headlamp slightly down and the speedometer more concise. "That's what makes clumsy, different as the previous version," said one media crew CB150R users Streetfire older version.

Regarding technology engine, this bike brings the latest generation of engine capacity of 150 cc, DOHC, 4 valves, with a blend of 57.3 mm bore and 57.8 mm stroke, which is almost square.

Engine performance is set evenly from top to bottom round, because this bike is made for all-terrain. So the engine performance can be felt from low speed to high.

Technology on other existing power units of type uniaxial primary balancer (Uniaxial Primary Balancer), the type of helical gears (Helical Gear), and bearing a strong crank (High Rigidity Bush Crank Journal).

The most satisfying is the displacement teeth smooth, soft clutch and smooth engine vibration. Even more refined when compared to New Sonic 150R is equipped with the same engine.

With the driving feeling had not changed much, but with a new design and engine technology, would seem to many who are interested in the All New Honda CB150R Streefire later.

This motor will be dealing directly with the Yamaha V-Ixion Advance which is the latest flagship sports naked 150 from Yamaha. Surely it would be interesting if you look at the performance and agility contest.

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