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Simple Quality Modified 2015: BMW 318i using Air Suspension for Show or Daily Activities

RealAutoTips. - Here is Simple Quality Modified 2015: BMW 318i using Air Suspension for Show or Daily Activities. This modification come from Riefki Baskoro that modify his car using simple quality modified concept.

In changing the look of the BMW 318i 2001 milikya, Riefki not work on the original machine bawaanya. The performance of the engine capacity of 1 800 cc was considered sufficient and efficient in supporting their activities. More focused on the display changes to the outside and the inside.

Evidently, to add cool mount display, cultivation is entrusted to the home modifications Jatibening Acacia region, Pondok Gede, Bekasi Barat, Jawa Barat. European sedan was immediately got a touch from aquatic gray repaint body by De Beer, bodykit mtechnic 2. Do not miss the custom luggage CSL to give the impression of wider at the rear, custom hood BMW Ci let me look more grim, and the installation of rearview retract mtechnic ,

Not quite up there, carbon kevlar lips splitter participate mounted though seemingly more sporty, mounting a headlamp USDM BMW 323i version, rearlamp led USDM version, sidemarker USDM, kiddney grill original, and garnish chrome 330i, as well as 3M crystaline window films let ac add cool ,

To view interior Riefki also do not want half-hearted, all the contents in the cabin also on the up-grade wear 323i version. Still was not satisfied, is considered mandatory installation of air suspension so the car can be made flat tire attached to the tire body, but remain safe if there are bumps, especially when crossing roads.

"I'm doing a simple modification, and still maintain quality, all change still use the original BMW goods. I only wear to up grade version of the above 318i on the outside and inside, "said Riefki.

"Installation of air suspension in addition to create a show let the car get stuck if the police do not sleep. Audio business is not too my focus, which is important sounds good to hear and not lonely when again alone, "he concluded.

Data Modification:

A. Exterior:
  • Repaint by gray aquatic De Beer
  • Bodykit mtechnic 2
  • Custom luggage CSL
  • Custom bonnet bmw ci
  • Rearview retract mtechnic
  • Carbon kevlar lips splitter
  • Headlamp USDM bmw 323i version
  • Rearlamp led USDM version
  • Sidemarker USDM
  • Kiddney original grill
  • Chrome garnish 330i
  • Crystaline 3M window films
B. Interior:
  • Retrimm autoleder seat doortrim
  • Convert interior to 323i
  • USDM armrest with cupholder
  • Steer multifunction bmw x5
  • Rear electric Krey
C. Legs:
  • Kranze wheels erm
  • Ring 18 wide-10-11 and -15 offset 3
  • Atrezzo Sailun tires 215/40 front, 225/40 rear
  • Front adjustable control camberplate
  • Front lower arm adjustable lugbolts
  • Rear control arm adjust camberkit
D. Air Suspension:
  • Universalair 2ch solenoid with remote control
E. Audio
  • Pioneer head unit p80rs
  • Vifa front speakers, rear speakers Logic Cube Acoustic


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