Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fire appears in Part Machine, Ferrari 360 Spider Scorched Burned

RealAutoTips. - The owner Ferrari 360 spider models have lost the car due to burning. The incident occurred in one of the city freeway in Nevada, USA.

Ferrari 360 spider on fire (photo: Inautonews)

The owners themselves do not understand cause and effect that makes the car on fire, but the initial source of the fire coming from the rear of the engine compartment typical red color of this supercar.

Although many predicted the overheating problem but there has been no official information about the exact cause burning of the Ferrari. At least, in the image displayed almost half over car parts burned out.

As quoted Inautonews, Wednesday (07/10/2015) that still lucky when the fire enlarges, the rider and the passenger can quickly get out safely and without injury.

As is known Ferrari 360 is the next generation F430 manufactured before 1999 in Maranello, Italy. Designed by Pinifarina design house, this supercar is equipped with 3.6-liter V8 engine that is capable of burst power of 400 hp with a torque of 373 Nm. While, for the acceleration from 0-100 kilometers per hour.

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