Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tips on how to eliminate the bad odors in the car interior using anti-bacterial carpet

RealAutoTips. - Bad odor in the car interior can make us missing in mood when we using car or drive a car. The dust that stick in the car cabin continuous can make the make the bad odor in the car interior. So, we need action to avoid the bad odors in car effectively like using anti-bacterial carpet of car. 

Comfort Carpet (Source:DetikOto) 

Yes, one anti-bacterial carpet for car is Comfort carpet that offers two types namely Deluxe and Premium. With this carpet the dust can be reduced because it will be trapped within the carpet. You also can read How to Choose the Right Air Freshener for your car?

Beside it with this carpet is not made from recycled materials so safe, as well as the use of anti-bacterial PVC. The carpet is also very easily cleaned. It's easy enough removed only, drenched with water or vacuum it. Brushed also not a problem but it was not necessary, since lifted and gently pounded suffice.

When this carpet spill of the milk, it is also easy to clean with only using water. With watered enough alone and the carpet would have been cleaner.

Source: DetikOto

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