Thursday, December 17, 2015

America's Toyota use of CNG Truck as Delivery Trucks

RealAutoTips. - To reduce emission levels for automotive manufacturers, America's Toyota use of CNG Truck as Delivery Trucks. This is one breakthrough from Toyota to reduce emission level in America. 

Toyota car delivery truck with CNG. cheat Sheet

As we know that to reduce emission levels for automotive manufacturers can in various ways, ranging from producing environmentally friendly vehicles to produce electric cars. 

According Metrotvnews (12/16/2015) that Toyota Fleet Transport, transport companies owned by Toyota itself, using materials bahar CNG or gas. The result is certainly more environmentally friendly, emission levels fell by 85 percent, and carbon dioxide is down 10 percent.

"We started exploration CNG option of more than three years ago, and this is very good. Natural gas is a fossil fuel most friendly clean and aka helped Toyota to protect the environment," said Kirk Welch, Toyota's Senior Analyst Transport, as released Cheatsheet.

Trucks used its own base of Peterbilt, tailored to the specifications of Toyota wishes. One truck can car takes the nine units at once.

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