Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Car Modification: Using Mobilio RS Lamp, Honda Brio look Beautiful

RealAutoTips. - One kind modification for your Honda Brio is with changing the front lamp. You can change standard lamp on your car using Honda Mobilio RS lamp, in here you will see your car will look beautiful.

Using Mobilio RS Lamp, Honda Brio look Beautiful (Otomotifnet)

According Mobil (12/20/2015) that Arief Ramadhany of Brio Project Indonesia (BPI) would like to share tips change the appearance of the head lamp so the more beautiful life Brio Honda Mobilio RS is plug and play, loh!

In addition to the front light units Mobilio RS, prepare a Phillips screwdriver or a Phillips screwdriver, screwdriver min, the lock ring 10 mm, relay, as well as the type of 18 AWG wires 1mm thick cable to be connected to a standard turn signal Honda Brio which he claims is too short.

And here are step-by-step on how to change Honda Brio lamp with Honda Mobilio RS as follow:

  1. Remove the bumper bolts made of 4 pieces lock ring 10.
  2. Remove the rubber clip of 4 pieces in a way taken out using a screwdriver min without dislodged bumper.
  3. Attach relay to connect the positive cable to the positive terminal of the battery, and the negative cable to the ground body. Additional relay is required in order to use the two schemes watt, 55 watt bulbs close, distant 65-watt bulbs.
  4. Attach the RS at the same Mobilio headlamp bulb socket.

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