Monday, December 7, 2015

New Generation Suzuki Vitara S using Engine 1.400 cc Boosterjet Turbo

RealAutoTips. - Suzuki Vitara present new generation Suzuki Vitara S with Engine 1.400 cc using technology Boosterjet. The power that result with this engine reported can result 140 Hp. This generation with the specification specially launched for Europe market.

Figure 1. New Generation Suzuki Vitara S using Engine 1.400 cc Boosterjet

There are many types of Suzuki Vitara launched for many country using higher engine than 1.400 cc. The smallest engine before is 2.000 cc and also we can get 2.400 cc as Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). 

Maybe we will take question, Can this car carry the weight of the engine 1.400 cc of Suzuki Vitara as SUV? Maybe it is will not to be problem because this engine using Boosterjet and Turbo. Suzuki said that the Boosterjet turbo 1400 cc engine that is capable of spraying up to 220 Nm of torque. Interestingly, continued Suzuki, power and torque it has been felt good although still in the engine turns 1200 rpm.

Bursts of power and torque is the fruit blend between boosterjet and turbo. Perfection blast from the combustion in the combustion chamber that are then generate power far greater than the regular version.

Armed with the power and pounding torque, this car can accelerate from 0-100 km / h within 10.2 seconds. This performance can be achieved by manual and automatic transmission variants.

To compensate for a performance like that, Suzuki Vitara also furnishes display S. Rims for example, used the 17-inch, grill also made with special design, which is flanked by headlights are covered with red projector.

Suzuki Vitara S can also rely on the movement of all-wheel-called Suzuki as Suzuki AllGrip system. The system offers a choice of four driving modes, ranging from Auto, Sport, Snow and Lock. The system also had perfected skid symptoms by sending more torque to the rear wheels.

Exterior Suzuki Vitara S got a typical design elements such as design unique grille, body side molding black, 17-inch rims are also black, satin silver door mirrors, rear upper spoiler and LED projector headlamps with red covers.

While the cabin is also made more sporty with red accents on the air-conditioning vents and instrument cluster, pedals made of aluminum alloy, red contrast stitching on the seats, cruise control, seven airbags and Bluetooth connectivity.

British Suzuki offered in several color variants, namely Bright Red, Cosmic Black, Galactic Grey, and Cool White Pearl.

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