Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New Honda City Adventure Ready to Produce in 2017

RealAutoTips. - New Honda City Adventure Ready to Produce in 2017. Honda motorcycles participated in the 2015 EICMA show off the scooter City Adventure. This motor will reportedly go into production lines.

Honda City Adventure will begin production in 2017 (Honda)

According Metrotvnews (12/14/2015) that Motorcycle Division Head of France, Fabrice Recoque said that this concept bike will soon be in production in 2017. Fabrice also said that the production version will be unchanged compared to the concept version. The changes will appear on the tread and the brake calipers.

The engine itself is estimated to carry the mechanical drive 745 cc. This engine can generate power 52 horsepower channeled through a dual clutch automatic transmission.

Nevertheless, Honda will maintain the City Adventure offroad capability. So that the motor is going to be comfortable driving on the highway and offroad. City Adventure production version will be present at EICMA 2016.

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