Sunday, December 20, 2015

Romusa: A New Car Concept Modify Supercar and Sport Utility Vehicle

RealAutoTips. - Here is a new breakthrough that developed by a number of young designers in the design house Camal Design Center, Tutin, Italy.  They make a new breakthrough with make a car which modify supercar with a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV).


This a new car model claimed can easy trough in off-road area and also in street area. This a new car model named with Romusa.

According Detikoto (12/19/2015) that Ramusa which means lizard has a length of 4320 mm, width 2020 mm and height of 1,300 mm. The ground clearance of 250 mm as the deck height from ground level average crossover.

Interestingly, this car bristling with off-road features, but the design concept still highlight the hallmark of the two-seater supercar. The layout of the engine in the middle, reinforcing claims the character of a supercar.

Ramusa carrying the engine capacity of 3500 cc V12 quad-turbo taken from Bugatti EB110 and combined with an electric motor. Both produce power up to 800 hp.

Camal Design Center was founded in 2008 by Alessandro Camorali, together with a team of young designers and modelers virtual. The design house has created several special projects and unique design.

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