Friday, December 18, 2015

The Engine's Performance of the All New Fortuner

RealAutoTips. - In January 2016 maybe to be the year of the releasing of the New All Fortuner. There are many information about this releasing of the All New Fortune include the engine's performance.

According KompasOtomotif (12/17/2015) that Engine options for the new generation Fortuner there are two, namely gasoline 2TR-FE 2.7-liter and 2GD-FTV diesel 2.4-liter. Both the new machines, according to sources in one Auto2000 dealership in Jakarta, the performance is equally increased compared to two older machines.

According to sources, the petrol engine with Dual VVT-I in this latest Fortuner become more responsive acceleration. Strength claimed up seven percent and torque increase of nine percent compared to previous models.

Not only that, the latest Fortuner also recognized more economical fuel oil (BBM) to 17 percent and has a smoother engine character and minimal vibration when compared to its predecessor.

While the diesel engine with intercooler plus VNT claimed more powerful at all RPM. its up four percent and torque increase of 17 percent compared to previous models. Character machines are also more subtle and minimal vibration.

Both engines are combine with a new 6-speed transmission either automatically or manually.

Toyota Indonesia plans to offer the All-New Fortuner in six types. Interestingly, there is only one cause of type V petrol variants were present in previous generations removed. Transmission option for the petrol variant only a single, automated, which is likely also the same as the latest Innova, 6-speed.

Diesel variants have more choices, offer automatic and manual transmission. Including variants with motion system of four-wheel (4x4)

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