Tuesday, December 29, 2015

This is the news revolution of Audi to accept new year 2016

RealAutoTips. - To accept the new year 2016, Audi want to accept it with two new variants are ready to become champ Audi to market in 2016 is the second generation Q5 and Q2 and Audi also plans for the production of electric cars.

According DetikOto (12/29/2015) reported that Audy digelontorkan investment value for the development of their production next year ie € 3 billion. The investment fund is used for technology development, new employees, and renew the facility. Audi has also recruited a number of experts in the development of the latest technologies.

Besides two SUV models are certain to be present next year, Audi was also going to enter in the electric car segment by e-Tron Quattro which has been introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015. The electric-powered SUV from Audi is planned to be rolled in the streets in 2018.

Audi Chief Financial Officer Axel Strotbek said that the value of the investment they want to strengthen their position but at the same time they also have a goal to extend coverage to the future financial and cost optimization.

In addition to the two new SUV will slide next year, Audi also announced plans to increase their model to 60 new models from existing models until May 2015 as many as 52 models. Of the 60 models, later 7 models are electric cars.

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