Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Car Modification 2016: Make Your X-Trail Car More Luxury

RealAutoTips. - X-Trail is one of Nissan production car with using Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). This car can take up until 7 people, and make this car useful for consumer.

Nissan X-Trail Impul. (

In this modification, will give you solution when you bored with the exterior in this car after it many used. So, you can use this modification to make your car exterior using a good appearance.

According Otomotif Vivanews (01/07/2016), that Nissan dealers in Malaysia offering a package of modifications X-Trail artificial impulses. This modification package consists of a wide variety of components, ranging from bumpers, side skirts to the wheels.

Front and rear bumper has an additional spoiler on the bottom, similar to those used on racing cars. To look harmonious, side skirts installed under the door also transformed.

17-inch wheels is replaced with an artificial plant innate impulses measuring 18 inches. Alloy wheels painted in a copper color, and then given a transparent protective black color.

Because the wheel was replaced with a larger size, then the per well must be reduced ulirnya. Per standard is replaced with a design impulses, which shortens 30 millimeters. As a sweetener, impulses also includes outside rear-view mirror and kick plates. 

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