Friday, January 8, 2016

Extreme Modification of Nissan GT-R with full Carving

RealAutoTips. - The modification had been developed to display something that produces an impressive display. including the modification of cars, many methods are used to produce patterns that berbeda.Mereka do changes in the vehicle ranging from minor modifications to the extreme class to change the total look of the car in accordance with the concept of desired shape modifiers.

One of them is like that done by the famous Japanese tuner, Kuhl Racing. Kuhl doing body modification sportcar Racing Nissan GT-R filled with engravings in nearly all parts of the car body. Modifications made to include the type of modification extreme and quite unique because the entire process is done manually without the aid of any machine.

Quoting from Carscoop as quoted by News Okezone (01/07/2016), to make engraving patterns on the body of the GT-R, the engraver first create a pattern in all parts of the body that is in the custom with fiber material. Once the pattern is established, these designers carve new car body parts one by one using a grinder.

After the entire motif on the body is formed, the entire body is painted using the colors chrome base and then given a golden color as the main color of the body, carved, Nissan GT-R.

Although it takes a long time, unfortunately tuner Racing Kuhl not released how much time the manufacture of engraving on the entire body of the GT-R. However, the hard work of designers carver Nissan GT-R seems to be repaid when the Godzila appeared at the Tokyo Motor Show 15-17 January 2016.

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