Sunday, January 3, 2016

Suzuki Introduce the First Hydrogen Motorcycle to the World

RealAutoTips. - One alternative for reducing the use of gasoline in vehicles is to make vehicles using hydrogen fuel. At first hydrogen technology is widely known in the car with various capacities both with pure hydrogen technology or with a mixture of hydrogen and gasoline. Already many manufacturers are releasing it. However, hydrogen technology is finally not only used in cars only.

Suzuki Hydrogen Motorcycle (Image: Catalog-moto)

Reported that from January 2016, the world will be introduced to a hydrogen engine. One motor manufacturers who introduced it was Suzuki. Suzuki was the first manufacturer in the world to develop hydrogen motors. 

As reported from detikOto some time ago, the Japanese Ministry of Transport will give permission to Suzuki for testing on public roads.

Permission is granted if Suzuki meets the specified standards and regulations related to safety and the impact on the environment. Motor hydrogen was none other than a big-bodied scooter Suzuki Burgman is modified on the engine so that only uses hydrogen gas alone. Suzuki hydrogen gas tank is placed at the bottom of the motor, the motor is close to the standard.

Motor developed since a few years ago together with Intelligent Energy. The fuel cell from Intelligent Energy so far has been used in a motor scooter Burgman and Boeing. Burgman alone in the world was first introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show 2009.

In addition to the type of scooter, Suzuki was apparently already preparing other types of hydrogen motors, namely trail. But not many people are predicting tough hydrogen motors received in the market. According of Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology, although it gives a lot of hope, the motor is facing obstacles when it will be patented.

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