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Auto Repair Software Mobile Manager Pro by Bolt on Technology - Review + Free Demo

RealAutoTips. - This is the other best auto repair software from Bolt on Technology that called with Mobile Manager Pro. This software founded on 2008 in United States by Bolt On Technology that will give you an automotive software solutions are designed with the intent of boosting profits, saving time and creating greater overall efficiency at the nation's 275,000 independent auto repair shops. 

In this time we will give you review about this Auto Repair Software Mobile Manager Pro by Bolt on Technology like software description, product detail, features check list, reviewer opinion, and the last we will give you link to take free demo Auto Repair Software Mobile Manager Pro by Bolt on Technology from original source.

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From: Capterra
Mobile Manager Pro is an automotive software solution powered on either a tablet or Android device which is equipped with VIN and license plate scanning and decoding; and the ability to conduct customized digital multi-point inspections. Users can take customer vehicle condition photos and text them, along with inspections, repair orders and estimates to demonstrate the need for service recommendations. It integrates fully with leading shop management systems, eliminating the need for re-entry.

Features Checklist

  • Accounting Management
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Customer Database
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Quotes / Estimates
  • Service History
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • VIN Decoder
  • Work Order Management

Product Details
  • Free Demo: Yes
  • Deployment: Mobile and Web Based
  • Training: Documentation, Webinars and Live Online
  • Support: Online and Business Hours
Reviewer Opinion

Please read opinion from reviewer to know the satisfy using Auto Repair Software Mobile Manager Pro by Bolt on Technology below.
  • Andrey Shumylo , owner at Shums Auto Repair, " I have been very impressed with the product the guys from Bolt ON are putting out. I use their mobile manager, lube sticker pro, rapid entry and messenger pro. The software is constantly being improved, the customer service and instant support is great (I have my antivirus kick in sometimes blocking the software and they will log in and fix MY problem in 2 minutes). We get great feedback from customers that receive digital inspection reports, my techs love it because they see in real time what needs to be done on the car. If they need history on the car it's one click away and not a walk to the office to ask if I am not busy to look it up. Automatic appointments get set up for oil changes and customers get a text without you having to remember to send it to them. Awesome product overall, if you are serious about running a clean and efficient operation you should look into this software. Customers expect this now and independent shops need to catch up the kind of service dealerships provide."
  • David Askwith , General Manager at AutoStream Car Care, "I have the highest compliments for all of the Bolt On Technology components. They are constantly upgrading their products. They integrate with our Management software. I have been with them for 8 months. We are using their product at our 3 locations and will use it at the fourth in the Summer. I have seen their competition and there is no comparison. They are on the cutting edge."
  • Eric Halstead , Lead Service Advisor at Auto Excel, "If you are not sending your customers the digital inspection you are missing out. My customers love it and the love that its not stock photos its actual photos of the car they brought us. Its not perfect and has room to improve but I love it. One big improvement they could make is to be able to send individual chat messages to team members."
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Free Demo

And now you can click link below to know more or to get free demo Auto Repair Software Mobile Manager Pro by Bolt on Technology from original source.

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