Thursday, February 18, 2016

Car Modification 2016: Conjure the Cabins of Cadillac Escalade become Super Luxury

RealAutoTips. - This is car modification in 2016 from Cadillac Escalade that will conjure of it cabin become super luxury. This modification presented by the companies of aftermarket components that called with Lexani Motorcars. Uniquely, Lexani Motocars itself is not home modifications. They are an aftermarket company to the rim from the United States.

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Reporting from Metrotvnews (02/17/2016) show us that Lexani Motorcars make changes to make the car's cabin a luxury SUV to the higher stages. Companies from the United States to dismantle total Escalade cabin.

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To be more luxurious, Lexani Motocars wrap the entire cabin with leather materials and interior panels. To be more glamorous, they also add a light garnish the top of the cabin.

There are four seats in the middle section. Two of them facing the front, and two more are folding seat facing the rear of the car.

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In-car side-tainment also be considered in order to improve comfort while driving. A 48-inch Smart TV in the B-pillar and put on a series of advanced features such as the iPad Air II, touchscreen Control4 TracVision satellite and Mac Mini computers, a camera for teleconferences, and other advanced features burr.

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If it is still less intimate with this cabin, Lexani Motorcars also set up a steel coating on the entire car body. Of course, this layer can also enhance passenger safety while driving. Unfortunately, they abstain from publishing what it costs to modify the cabin Escalade. But certainly, the official price for such a concept is not a bit.

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