Saturday, April 23, 2016

BMW and Daimer Reject Apple iCar

RealAutoTips. - What happen with iCar from Apple car now? Reported that Apple want to build collaboration with BMW and Daimer from Germany to realize their car. But, BMW and Drimer will receive their offer this time?

Apple iCar (Source: DetikOto)

As reported from DetikOto, (04/22/2016), that Apple is more interested to develop their electric car with autonomous technology with Canadian-Austrian company named Magna.

All three companies named will establish cooperation with Apple has yet to give any statement. But sources familiar with the plan said negotiations tu Apple made good with Daimler and BMW have failed. The reason for the question about who is leading the project and the desire for Apple to collect data ownership.

Apple wanted a car that was made to connect to the cloud computing software, while two German companies are very protective of customer data. The data is a key element that must be protected. Car autonomous Apple itself is rumored to be paved in 2019 or 2020.

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