Friday, April 1, 2016

How to Change Car's Manual to Matic Transmission Easily?

RealAutoTips. - Maybe you will think to change manual transmission to matic transmission, you should firstly sell your car. Whereas, to change this car's transmission, you not should sell your car and buy matic transmission. In car modify people, it is easy to change manual transmission to matic transmission and popular this time.

Manual Transmission (Source: Screenshot of Vivanews)

According Otomotif News Viva, (03/30/2016), show us that Currently, there are many workshops or aftermarket accessory stores that offer replacement car transmission unit as a whole and complete use of the automatic transmission unit junkyard overflow from Singapore to Indonesia.

However, as reported by the official website of Toyota, Wednesday, March 30, 2016, replacing manual to automatic transmission this may make you less comfortable because accustomed to quick acceleration when using manual transmission.

Additionally, if the user still wants to change the acceleration as soon as the transmission system is automated, it will be a lot has to be changed, including the car's engine. This is what can make turnover costs become more expensive.

Another alternative is to have a product that offered few manufacturers who prioritize comfort aftermarket transmission without reducing the acceleration as soon as the manual. Such products have a way of working that is simple, namely by simply moving the clutch function electrically. While the workings of the transmission itself is still manual.

The advantage of using this kind of product aftermakert is despite being in first gear and the gas pedal is not pressed, the engine will not jump and die. Well, try to find products manifold auto clutch, so that soon could feel transmission with automatic car without having to buy a new car.

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