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The Best Project Management Software 2016: Basecamp for iOS/Android/WEB free download

RealAutoTips. - There are many project management project software provided for us paid and free with best result offered. In this time we will give you one of the free best project management software of 2016, this is Basecamp that allow you to download it for free to try.

Basecamp Android Version (Screenshot of Google PlayStore)

Beside we will give you global description about this project management software 2016 Basecamp, in here we will also give you link to take free download to try Basecamp for your iOS, Android, and also WEB version.


This is the best project management software 2016 free for you that called with Basecamp. According Digital Trend site describe that Basecamp is, perhaps, the most reputable project management tool out there. The tool boasts a phenomenal track record with a variety of well-known companies, including Nike, Twitter, and National Geographic. Basecamp’s Web portal features a discussion board, and a to-do list, allowing group members to comment on specific tasks, while serving as a streamlined hub for file sharing that you can easily integrate with your email.

Basecamp features an easy-to-use calendar to stay on top of deadlines, and tracks progress on specific tasks. It also gives you the ability to upload collaborative files, and tweak the site’s granular controls to include information only relevant to each individual user. Unfortunately, though Basecamp offers its services to teachers and educators for free, you’ll need to pay upwards of $20 after completing your first project.

This software it’s time to try the Basecamp way. Rallying people around a project and keeping everyone on the same page is already tough enough. And it’s easy to make it harder than it needs to be. Using multiple products, chatting constantly, or sending a bunch of emails around makes things more complicated. What’s official? How do I see it all? Where’s the right place to share something? It’s a hot mess.

Come over to the Basecamp way and you’ll have everything you need neatly organized in one place. It’s a calmer, more peaceful way to work. For 12 years and running, over 100,000 companies have adopted the Basecamp way of working. Not just tried, but signed up, said “ah-ha!”, and never looked back. There’s nothing else like Basecamp.

Download Basecamp

And now you can use all links below to take free download to try The Best Project Management Software 2016: Basecamp for iOS/Android/WEB from original source.

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