Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Volvo Introduce S90 Excellence Interior Concept for their Luxury Car

RealAutoTips. - Some day ago Volvo introduce their new excellence interior concept that called with S90 Excellence Interior Concept that will be used in their luxury car. 

Source: Metrotvnews screenshot

According Metrotvnews, (04/27/2016), that the interior is eventually going to come with unique features such as the addition of car seats are very comfortable, which can be controlled centrally from the front to the back. The concept made its debut in China, where targeting to luxury car buyers who prefer a chauffeur-driven.

According to Volvo, there are many other unique features, such as control panels that can heat and cool cups, regulate the function of the sound system, seat massage function and a large multimedia screen.

Source: Metrotvnews screenshot

Additional, rear armrest equipped refrigerator with a pair of grip crystals created by glassmaker Orrefors. At the front, the passenger seats removed to make room cabin and a broader visibility, as well as to get brighter lighting. Vice President Volvo Cars Interior Design, Robin Page said interior designed XC90 Concept Lounge Console, and in the near future will be realized in the interior Excellence S90.

The Lounge Console in the Volvo S90 Concept also presents three alternative Excellence comforts, including mobile working station which incorporates a fold-out work table and a big screen to check e-mail or video conferencing. Passengers can also switch to a mode of entertainment, while the relaxation mode are best rest seats, allowing passengers to grab a cold drink from the fridge while relaxing heated foot.

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