Monday, April 4, 2016

X-Tomi Design Nissan GT-R Become Convertible Version

RealAutoTips. - As we know that now become nice with using sport car without a roof. So, there are many automotive car manufacturer design their car with convertible (the roof can open and close). One designer, X-Tomi design Nissan GT-R become convertible version although this is this is not really a formal design of Nissan.

X-Tomi Design (Source: Screenshot of DetikOto)

According DetikOto, (04/03/2016), that a design house called X-Tomi Design realize GT-R without a roof through design rendering.

Rendering design is based on the Nissan GT-R that was launched in New York some time ago. The difference is only a little that is roof Nissan GT-R made open.

However, this is not really a formal design of Nissan. GT-R without a roof is the result of creativity X-Tomi Design and has not been confirmed by Nissan. Is really Nissan will launch Nissan GT-R Convertible? 

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