Friday, April 8, 2016

Yamaha Motor Design Scooter with Beautiful Wing Concept

RealAutoTips. - Although only still concept, Yamaha motorcyle design their scooter motor using beautiful wing with the name 04GEN. This concept plan to introduce in Vietnam Motor Show.

Yamaha Motor concept 04GEN (Source: Otomotif Viva News)

According Otomotif Viva News, (04/08/2016), Yamaha motorcycle concept of this will be first shown publicly at the event in Vietnam Motor Show which is scheduled to be held on 10 April.

From the design, the motor of this one looks like it is intended for women to accentuate elegance. When compared with scooters in general, this bike is very unique, especially because some of the parts are made transparent. This motor also has two transparent wings that can be folded like a bird.

With this transparent wings, the structure of the frame, the engine to the interior of the body of this bike will be seen. For more details, wait until the event Vietnam Motor Show held.

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