Monday, May 9, 2016

BMW K1600R Stretcher A line 6 Cylinder Engines

RealAutoTips. - This is one information to you that want to know more about the BMW motorcycle K1600R as their recent product this year. K1600R Motor will be different with some other products because it does not use the boxer engine, but carry straight engine.

Source: motorrad

According Metrotvnews (05/09/2016), that not yet known how the shape of a naked bike from Germany. But later a big motor will use a type of frame with aluminum material so strong and yet lightweight.

Not yet known when the motor is to be issued by the manufacturer of the German two-wheeler. However interesting awaited because of the shape that does not use models boxer engine.

Model boxer engine was typical of a BMW motorcycle. Piston working crosswise between the two legs, in contrast to models that work vertically aligned. While inline or inline engine, piston shape vertically but aligned in a straight line.

The power of this motorcycle will carry the same engine as the K1600GT. 1.649cc engine will be mated to a six-speed transmission, with a power of 160 horsepower and torque of 175 Nm.

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