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Electronic Wiring Diagram Beautiful Car Brake Lights using BC327

RealAutoTips. - This is one of an electronic wiring diagram for automotive application with the name beautiful car brake lights. The main components in this wiring diagram are transistors BC327 and LEDs like in Figure 1. below.

In here, beside we will give you electronic wiring diagram of Beautiful Car Brake Lights using BC327, we also will give you listing of components parts and description globally about this wiring diagram.

Wiring Diagram

Figure 1. Electronic Wiring Diagram Beautiful Car Brake Lights using BC327 (Source: Eleccircuit)

Components Part

  • Q1,Q2_______________BC327____50V 1A PNP transistorrs
  • LED1-LED14__________LED display as you want.
  • R1,R4_______________22 ohms 0.5 watts 5% resistors
  • R2__________________390 ohms_0.5 watts 5% resistors
  • R3__________________500 ohms__0.5 watts 5% resistors


Electronic wiring diagram like in Figure 1, above is wiring diagram of Beautiful Car Brake Lights using BC327. Accordingly Eleccircuit site that publish this diagram describe that his is the circuit add beauty to the brake lights of the car. With a display of 14 LEDs, visible clearly, for safety and beautiful. The installation format can fix by oneself as you like it. This circuit use the astable multivibrator for generate a oscillate frequency so all LED flashing.

The working of the circuits

When enter the light brake voltage, makes have power supply 12V come in cause LED6-LED9 glow or On. Besides the trend will flow to change R2 go to bias pin base of Q1-BC327 PNP transistor and Q2-BC327, causes LED1-LED5 and LED11-LED14 the bright up. Which there are R1 and R3 help to limit a current that flow through LEDs enough liberate brake power supply 12V disappear make LED every switch off. Please read more this wiring diagram from original source using link here.

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