Saturday, June 4, 2016

McLaren Develop Hypercar using Electric Power

RealAutoTips. - McLaren want to develop their car product with full electric power beside developing their car using hybrid. 

Source: DetikOto

According DetikOto, (06/03/2016), that hypercar that developed using electric-powered by McLaren will fill the slot under P1 hybrid. The electric car that will go into Ultimate Series family.

In its business plan targeting McLaren, amounting to 50 percent of all future McLaren cars will use electric technology in 2020. The plan seemed to begin to be realized in the presence of an electric hypercar this report.

"We started working on pure electric vehicles to sit in the Ultimate Series. We need to make it as exciting as electric vehicles 675LT," the source said internal unnamed.

Chances are, the electric car developed this McLaren originally reserved for special use on the track. Its performance is equally trusted by the other McLaren hypercar.

It is estimated that this car acceleration from 0-100 km / h takes only 2.9 seconds below. While the top speed can reach 322 km / h. 

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