Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Nissan GT-R will be offered with track edition version

RealAutoTips. - Nissan plan to offer their Nissan GT-R in four versions are Pure Edition version of the low, Premium which focuses on comfort, NISMO focused on high performance and Track Edition is between Premium and NISMO with high performance.

Source: DetikOto

The latest Nissan GT-R 2017 model year will be offered in versions Track Edition. So, later Nissan GT-R will be available four variants ranging from standard variant to variant powered.

According DetikOto, (06/08/2016), show us that the track the latest Edition will be an updated version of the GT-R NISMO. However, there are some new devices are pinned on this model.

GT-R Track Edition will come with a titanium exhaust, suspension settings are the same as NISMO models, black rim Nismo six bars and all updates on the 2017 models.

This model also comes with a more rigid chassis. While the engine uses twin-turbo V6 engine 3.8-liter 565 horsepower with a torque of 633 Nm.

That is, the power Track Edition will be lower than the 35 horsepower NISMO models. Nissan GT-R Track Edition is expected to be priced between US $ 116,000  to US $118,000.

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