Saturday, June 4, 2016

Using Continously Variable Transmission Technology, New Honda Brio Claimed will get Fuel Economical

RealAutoTips. - Do you lover of Honda Brio this time? Reported that one of the changes is a mainstay on the New Honda Brio is the use of a CVT transmission (Continously Variable Transmission). By such transmission, claimed New Honda Brio will be more efficient in fuel.

Source: DetikOto

According DetikOto, (06/03/2016), that CVT transmission is an automatic transmission is electronically controlled by the drive pulley and driven pulley and steel belt. This transmission system is not working gradually, but working from low speed to maximum speed. CVT options are currently on the New Honda Brio RS and New Honda Brio Satya.

The use of a CVT transmission on the new Honda Brio said Director of Marketing and Sales Service of PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM), Jonfis Fandy namely on fuel efficiency.

"CVT has benefits much compared with AT which we introduced earlier. CVT can increase fuel efficiency talent. Character LCGC more suited to the CVT fuel efficient. With the CVT is more fuel efficient because of the distribution of the engine to the wheels of more efficient. If CVT right gear only 2, so not a lot of friction, "said Jonfis, Thursday (02/06/2016).

Meanwhile, Manager Service Division HPM, Muhammad Zuhdi ensure that LCGC New Honda Brio is the first to use the CVT technology.

"For transmission in the Honda Brio is the first to use the technology LCGC CVT," said Zuhdi told reporters.

Furthermore, he explained, used CVT equipped with a Torque Converter on New Honda Brio is not only to make fuel becomes more efficient.

There are a number of advantages to improve the performance of the car which includes a stronger force in the acceleration, dynamic performance, reduce weight, and reduce friction.

"With this technology improve, power and increased fuel efficiency. The friction and reduced weight and temperature be kept from increasing," he said.

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