Sunday, July 17, 2016

Burasca gives Honda’s VFR the Drudi treatment by Spiros Tsantilas

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Renowned Italian designer Aldo Drudi, in co-operation with Honda, created a custom interpretation of its VFR 1200F sport tourer. Born at the Air Garage installation in Rimini, Italy, the Burasca 1200 showcases some very exclusive parts while declaring its uniqueness with Drudi's one-off carbon livery.

The name Aldo Drudi will probably ring some bells to motorcycle fans, as his main work has always revolved around the world of two-wheels. A long-time collaborator of Dainese and Arai, he claimed his stake at celebrity through his helmet designs for some of the greatest Grand Prix riders of all time – most notably his close personal friend Valentino Rossi, whose helmets always bear the stamp of Drudi's studio, D-Performance.

In 2014 Drudi set up the Air Garage, a temporary installation on the roof of Rimini's City Museum (Museo della Città). Working in close collaboration with Honda, there he unveiled his plans to build a custom version of the VFR 1200F (non-DCT version) and now, two years later, the Burasca project has been completed.

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