Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Honda Wants Many More Versions Of The NSX by Andrew P Collins

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We’ve heard rumors about an NSX Type-R in the pipeline but apparently Honda/Acura is pondering even more variants of their halo car platform. Racers, convertibles(?!) really everything a kid could want.

In a conversation with Autocar, Honda’s chief engineer for the NSX Ted Klaus talked about “lightweight, non-hybrid and all-electric versions” one of which would be the Type-R. The word “convertible” was also thrown around.

With the standard NSX in production, Klaus said it represented an opportunity for Honda to ‘experiment’ with new technology. ‘It’s a special car, with new technology, developing technology, that we can be leaders in and help us understand where the brand is going,’ he said.

“Klaus said Honda was now at various stages with the NSX. It had completed development of the standard model and was starting to look at the NSX as a platform and a way to ‘start to dream of new technologies.’”

Klaus described the superlight NSX that ran at Pikes Peak last month as “the general direction we wish to go” with the car. The rest of his quotes are standard company-representative platitudes like “we could, we want to, there’s nothing stopping us.”

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