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Wiring Diagram Brake Light Flasher using CD4024 and LM7555 IC

RealAutoTips. - There are many electronic circuit that applied for car or motorcycle application like for brake light flasher. With modify this part, we can use several electronic component to build our self car brake light flasher like wiring diagram in Figure 1. below.

Wiring Diagram

Figure 1. Wiring Diagram Brake Light Flasher using CD4024 and LM7555 IC
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Component Parts

  1. CD4024 IC
  2. LM7555 IC
  3. Transistor C828
  4. Transistor D400
  5. Brake Lamp
  6. Capacitors
  7. Resistors
  8. Switch


The main component that used to build Brake Light Flasher like in wiring diagram in Figure 1. above is using CD4024 and LM7555 IC. According Eleccircuit that also published this circuit describe that this project is installed in a car, to modify brake light flasher circuit. Using a small number of pieces of equipment, so it is easy to build, consists of CMOS IC and power transistors etc.

The rear brake light is warning lights to the behind car. Add Caution while tracking. This flashing brake light to sensitive drivers who tracking behind. Can be visible as far add to secure than a plain brake light. Which it will flashing when brake is touched only.

In wiring diagram like in Figure 1. above is modification flashing to the brake light. The working start with power to circuit or touch that brake. The timer-IC2 is driver current to transistors feed a clock signal pulse out to pin 3 go to pin1 of IC1, count amount of pulse and will stop counting when full 8 pulses. By pin 2 of IC1 will reset itself.

The transistor-Q1 is trigger to IC2 and also results pin 3 of IC2 reverse stage, by get voltage drop across R3 cause have output voltage at pin 7 of IC2 cause Q2 receive forward bias to drive current cause the brake lamp glow up.

The flashing of bake light while touch bake Hold it, Will flash continuously per set around 6 times per second. Which defines by the R3 and value C3. The distance of each series is determined by the C2 and R1. The voltage that feed to the circuit can use DC 12 volts of Car. The capacitors-C1 is a filter to smooth the currents. The transistors-Q2 may use any number SM3180.

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