Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ferrari Car Which Change F12berlinetta Still using V12 Engine

RealAutoTips. - Maybe you will take some question about the car which change the F12berlinetta Ferrari this time. Yes, until this time that Ferrari still prepare their new Ferrari to change F12berlinetta that still using V12 engine.

Courtesy of DetikOto

Reported from DetikOto, (09/13/2016), that F12berlinetta replacement will be present in 2019. The car will be back in a V12 engine capacity of 6.3 liters of the latest generation that has been upgraded.

Italian manufacturer also said it does not substitute F12 will carry a turbocharged system like California T and 488 GTB. So it remains naturally aspirated.

Although without carrying the turbo, the car is guaranteed to be capable of spraying 770 to 800 horsepower.

Not only that, this latest model is also said to have a lighter weight and smaller size.

However, although this model will still carry the V12 engine, Ferrari will most likely offer a super car with an electric or hybrid technology as other options.

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