Thursday, September 1, 2016

Water Injection System at BMW M4 GTS Will be Produced in Bulk

RealAutoTips. - One system that develop by Bosch, Water Injection system that begin it debut in BMW M4 GTS, informed will be produced in bulk. Beside that that this system also can be used in other automotive industry models will begin in 2019.

Courtesy of DetikOto

Reported from DetikOto, (08/31/2016) that these systems when used on M4 GTS can add up to 5 percent, by squirting distilled water to a six-cylinder engine, the fuel prior to combustion. This leads to lower engine temperature and decreased symptoms of knocking.

M4 GTS system uses this to his advantage in power, while Bosch is more focused on improving fuel economy and reducing emissions in cars. In fact, Bosch said, this system can reduce CO2 emissions 4% and increase fuel efficiency by 13%.

Bosch Global Project Manager, Fabiana Piazza said that this system will work well on vehicles with output of 107bhp per liter. "We are launching this product to the market, based on the laws are strictly enforced. And also the real driving emissions tests, to raise awareness, the importance of this technology in all cars," ujaranya.

Although such a system is already widely available in the aftermarket, but Bosch is the only company that develops and offers technology to OEM (original equipment manufacturer).

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